Our Office

A Clean & Safe Office
Do you ever worry about cleanliness in the dentist’s office? Summit Dental understands your healthcare concerns. That’s why we go above and beyond for you, exceeding the America Dental Association (ADA) and OSHA recommended standards for a clean and safe practice. We have a dedicated area with state-of-the-art sterilization technology, where every instrument is wrapped, disinfected, and made ready before your visit. We also sanitize each room between patients, and we use a closed water system (rather than everyday tap water). On top of all that, we have a special hand washing station for your health and safety. We worry about the cleanliness of our office so you’ll never have to!

Education & Credentials
You can be confident in us as your qualified Rosemount dental healthcare professionals. We are fully trained, skilled, and certified to provide you with the expertise you are looking for. Our team members fulfill their responsibility to continuing healthcare education, attending dental conventions, seminars, and lectures. We want to keep informed about new products and equipment, stay on top of advancements in treatment procedures and techniques, and continually learn how to better serve you and your family as our patients. We are constantly learning to provide you the very best dentistry healthcare services and the latest routine, restorative and cosmetic treatment plans.

Information & Accommodations
We empower you to make smart choices for your oral health and smile enhancements through information about routine, restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment, consultation, easy and accommodating financing, and comfortable facilities and care. We also make sure that we are well-informed about your medical history, previous cosmetic and restorative treatment, current medications, and any other factor that might affect your dental health and treatment.

A Kid Friendly & Kid Sensitive Office
We strongly believe that everyone deserves a healthy and attractive smile, adults and children alike. Children’s habits, such as teeth brushing and finger sucking, are of primary concern to dentists, because they can seriously affect children’s smile development. We understand that these habits must be treated with sensitivity and patience. Also, we are aware that some children feel uneasy and even scared about dental visits. We have a friendly, calming, and fun manner that will help your child (and you) feel more at ease. We love patients of all ages and hope to see you and your child soon!

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